In all things Christ must have pre: eminence by Alec Sutherland

Church cross © 2013 Simon Peter Sutherland

Church cross © 2013 Simon Peter Sutherland

Faith should be ambitious, for the Lord desires His people to enjoy all the spiritual blessings that are In Christ for us. But, faith must also be active and go on to posses the blessings. Be strong, be men of valour, overcome the enemy and triumph over difficulties. It is then that faith enters into a blessing. These are the untold riches in Christ, all spiritual blessings, all things are ours, then let us not rest satisfied until we enter into the fullness of the blessing of Christ. Till we are enriched in Him as we may and should be filled full, complete in Him. The blessing of the Lord is an argument for us to go onto greater things. The larger the cup the more is needed to fill it. God has blessed us hitherto, then He will bless us ever more. Our position in Christ includes Mountain wood and Valley. All things are ours in Christ. The wood should be cut down to get to the mountain. All things are yours and you are Christ’s. Blessings from the Lord are an argument for us to go on to greater things. The larger the cup, the more is needed to fill it. We are viewed in Christ a greater people spiritually. We must show ourselves great in Him, in strength, courage and faith. Remove obstacles, take the mountains, and cut down the wood. Enter the promise land and posses the blessing. The idea that Christ can be received as saviour without being Lord is false. He does not save rebels, there must be submission and true repentance towards God before there can be Salvation. God has set His King on His holy hill, Zion “lest He be angry and you perish”. Paul sought the prayers of the saints and he avoided excellency of speech and enticing words of men’s wisdom. He desired the demonstration of the Spirit and of power. The wisdom from above was first pure, no frivolity, trifling, joking, foolish stories to make us laugh. The bridge across the impassable Gulf that separates the sinner from the saviour has been removed by the one who pardons that He purifies, who saves that He may Sanctify. Remove either of these two and the bridge falls. Preserve them in strength and Salvation comes.

Alec Sutherland

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