The gospel of Mary, Papyrus 463 at John Rylands Library

One of only two Greek fragments of the hugely controversial and so-called ‘Gospel of Mary’ is now on display at Rylands Library, Manchester.

The manuscript itself dates back to the 3rd century AD and is Gnostic in its content and the content is believed by some to have been written by Mary of Magdela. But this is highly improbable since the book itself was most likely composed during the late 2nd century AD, however the manuscript is on display with ancient Mummy portraits and Papyri which is part of an exhibition that is said to be both rare and “ground-breaking”.


The Faces and Voices exhibition is at John Rylands Library, Deansgate, Manchester and is on now until  25 November 2012, so I will no doubt be posting thoughts about the exhibition and the contents during that period.


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