Articles on Theology  by Simon Peter Sutherland  © 2014 Simon Peter Sutherland

Articles on Theology presents a series of Theological topics and questions concerning various Bible based themes. Challenging some conventional claims and upholding others.

These topics ask; Did St. Paul truly rebuke St. Peter? They also discuss the Bible and alcohol, and explore themes that include making shipwreck of the faith, St Paul’s thorn and the Descent of Christ.

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The Divine Saviour in the Dark Light of Modern Scholarship by Simon Peter Sutherland

In The Divine Saviour in the Dark Light of Modern Scholarship, the author criticises the many modern arguments made by many modern writers against the validity and historicity of the Bible. Arguing that many modern scholars use the media and faulty arguments to bring down Christianity and replace it with religious pluralism and secularism.

Written over the period of a number of years, Simon Peter Sutherland gathers bits and pieces of information and presents objective argument, showing that there are always two sides to every debate. Coming soon!

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