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Richard Dawkins silent concerning ‘Evolution vs God’?

On August 6th 2013, YouTube channel ‘The way of the Master’ published the new film ‘Evolution vs God’.

This film challenges the popular theory of Darwinian evolution, primarily the theory of ‘Macroevolution’.

This film has now received 775,695 views on YouTube.

According to the reports, the New Zealand born evangelist Ray Comfort has not yet received any direct response from Atheist activist and Darwinian evolutionist, Richard Dawkins. The apparent silence has come despite repeated offers for an open response.

In the film, Ray Comfort interviews and asks a number of leading evolutionary scientists in America for direct evidence for ‘Macroevolution’. Outside of claims based upon speculative ideas and theories, no evidence could be given.

Perhaps the only main responses Darwinians and atheist activists have offered are a number of criticisms published on YouTube, which are for the most part little more than ‘ad homimen’ posts and re-affirmations of ‘Macraevolution’ with no direct evidence for ‘Macroevolution’.

Perhaps this noisey silence tells us a great deal about the true condition of the theory of evolution and Richard Dawkins? The first being that there is a number of ways defeat can be seen, even without words. One way of responding to someone who you consider stronger than yourself is to say nothing, and merely go one doing as you did before.

Clearly Richard Dawkins is doing that.

Perhaps Darwin’s time is up and maybe it is time for truck loads of Evangelical Christians in England to purchase copies of ‘Evolution vs God’ and spread them across the UK, at the University of Manchester, Cambridge, Oxford, Scotland, Exeter and so forth.

Perhaps even give free copies out to the Liberal bishops within the Church of England? That would be good wouldn’t it. Maybe even David Cameron could receive a copy too?


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Signs of Totalitarianism: Christian street preacher arrested for preaching in Scotland

Simon Peter Sutherland at the Covenanters prison Edinburgh © 2013 Simon Peter Sutherland

Simon Peter Sutherland at the Covenanters prison in Edinburgh, Scotland. © 2013 Simon Peter Sutherland

Recent reports have stated that a Christian street preacher was arrested in Scotland this week for simply preaching on the street. He was accused of being “in breach of the peace”.

Reports also suggest that the man was not actually using any amplification yet he was accused of having an MP3 too loud. When the preacher stated he was not using amplification, the police officer stated the noise was not the issue but that a complaint had been made against him.

This is not the only time such an event has taken place recently. This is one of three wrong arrests of this nature which have taken place in three months.

Clearly something is wrong. This is a violation of our ‘Freedom of speech’ and ‘human rights’ and is evidence of Britains growing bad attitude towards Chrisianity and Christians who are willing to spread the faith.

What is clear is that history is repeating itself, since in history it was common place for Protestant Christians to be arrested for preaching. In 1658, John Bunyan was arrested for street preaching yet he was not imprisoned for that. He did however spend many years in prison for his faith.

Clearly Britain is marching back even further, not only into the 17th century but into those glorious days of the 16th century where Protestants were arrested even for believing the truth.

It clearly shows signs of religious intolerance and inconsistency of thinking, since the police officer stated he arrested the man for being in ‘breach of the peace’ yet are the authorities going to arrest street musicians, buskers, street entertainers and all people who take part in noisey street events and festivals also? Since they certainly make a lot of noise! Could it not be argued the preacher caused offence? Yes, but could it not also be argued that many public events and festivals cause offence? Are those partakers too going to be arrested?

I am offended everyday by things I see in Britain. I am offended by attitudes, language, blasphemy, bigotry, prejudice and intolerance, yet do those offences matter? No, clearly not to some people. Or maybe my offences do not matter because I am a Protestant and perhaps, a very loyal one.

Here are a couple of links to articles on this troubling matter.

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Transformation from “bigots” to ‘Dinousaurs’ Nick Clegg dig’s at opponents of redefining marriage

DSCF2260Yesterday Nick Clegg giving a speech at his Liberal Democrats Conference and in it he referred to those who stood for the traditional view of marriage as “dinosaur opponents”.

This comment was not made in any context on his part or historic reference to dinosaurs as creatures of importance or anything like that, but a very childish and immature insult on his part toward those people who are genuinely concerned about upholding a historic and proper view of marriage and freedom. Clearly Mr Clegg likens people who uphold to traditional views of marriage as ancient obscure beings who are from the past.

The immature and childish insult given by Nick Clegg offer the people of Britain a further insight into just how childish British Politicians can be at times. Perhaps it just goes to show how much a mess Britain is in, when its apparent leaders embrace such immaturity that they have to insult people who do not agree with them, while at the same time profess to be Liberal in the name of democracy? Clearly liberalism is just another word for a default position, which embraces anyone but those who do not fit in with their worldview.

As if the people of Britain do not tire enough at seeing the leaders of this country arguing week after week like teenagers in the house of Lords, Mr Clegg feels now to insult millions of people in a childish non-intellectual way because they do not agree with his world-view.

Is it not enough that people who stand up for their right to defend traditional marriage have to put up with being labelled ‘bigots’ as victims of some kind of stupid game which uses fear based words to accomplish its aim rather than plain reason?

Is that democracy? Well, in order to find out the answer to that, we Protestants should be consulted, after all democracy in Britain came from us in the first place.

Nick Clegg should really be more careful with what he says and he should remember that the wind of the air and the tide of the sea can change direction very quickly. People are generally like fish, they swim in shoals with the tide, and when the tide changes, they go with the flow.

Mr Clegg should remember that time is only but a moment and what is present now will later be past and what is seen as modern now, will later be history.

The times will change Mr Clegg, and they are changing, and when the time of this generation is over, a new generation will come and when all our bones are in the ground, a new people will rise up and the winds of change will fill the streets.

Mr Clegg should really have a care, for come election day he will find, he may need these dinosaurs.

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Has the first Trumpet of the Lord been sounded?

Simon Peter SutherlandSince around 2011 or 2012 reports from around the world have been declaring that loud horn sounds from the sky, “sky horns” have been heard by people around the globe. These “sky horns” are reportedly so loud that instances of earth shaking proportions have been observed.

YouTube is packed with videos of footage which have captured these moments. Likewise, neither news reporters, the press or critics are denying these events. The facts are that people all around the earth are hearing and being disturbed by loud ‘sky horn’ sounds which are also described as sounding like the earth is groaning. This complies with Romans 8: 19.

Christians of all generations have thought and believed they were living in the end times. This can be found throughout history, where ‘the signs of the times’ and the return of the days of “Sodom and Gomorrah” and so forth are somewhat seen. Many in history have been so convinced that Jesus was going to return soon, that I cannot but imagine the way they must have felt when they died a natural or unnatural death without seeing His return.

But we see a lot more Biblical prophecy come to pass today than previously. I think we are seeing the great delusion coming upon the world in the form of ‘Darwinian evolution’ which I think is spoken of in 2 Thessalonians 2: 11. A theory which many leaders within Christianity now embrace as Gods way of doing things. Such, I think, is delusional in itself, since ‘natural selection’ needs no supernatural guide or it would not be ‘natural’.

Some claim the rebuilding of the third Temple is Jerusalem is a fulfilment of Biblical prophecy for the end times.

The interesting thing about the Bible is that it is unique and contains something that no other religion contains: Prophecy. At no time can prophecy be found in the Qur’an or Confucius or the writings of the major world religions, no, it is unique to the Bible. Now Biblical prophecy is not like the ambiguous writings of Nostradamus and so forth, it is quite detailed and precise, even at times giving the dates and hours for events yet to come.

I myself remain neutral when it comes to the prophetic texts of ‘eschatology’ and I think that all or most of those ‘theological’ positions from pre-millennial, post- millennial and a-millennial, preterist, idealist, dispensationalist, and so forth have ‘Truth’ within them and all have good points to show. But really, something is often lacking is all of them? However, theologians and Christian thinkers and preachers have for many centuries researched and wrestled with those complex doctrines and some have never found an absolute answer to all the riddles.

Speaking for myself, I do not believe the Bible teaches ‘the rapture’ theory, but I confess that more often than not many Spirit filled Christians follow that persuasion. Either way, if they are right and Christians are to be raptured I hope in Christ that I will be one of them.

But what strikes me about the YouTube videos and claims which are clearly evident is that something is going on with this planet. Views are mixed. Some say the governments are testing what is known as ‘Haarp’. Maybe it is? But what I will say is that many reports on this which mention that people believe these events are signs of Jesus’ return, do rule out the supernatural and assume that the supernatural is ‘irrational’. Such is an assumption in itself and a fallacy of our modern age, thus assuming that human rationality is rational and that rationality can lead us into absolute truth?

The problem I have is that as a musician, I know a lot about recording and musical instruments, I have been at it now for over 20 years. I know how to record musical instruments, I don’t think I need to prove that. However, when I listen to these videos and sound recordings, I know full well that a number of them are fake and some of them are recorded using a PA system in the area or house, with either a microphone or a keyboard or a woodwind instrument rigged up. Some of them defy the characteristics of camcorder recordings, but still, there are clearly a number of them which are not fake at all, but are genuine recordings of loud horn type sounds that appear to be coming from the sky. These sounds are uncannily like that of the ‘Shofar’ as used in Jerusalem in the Biblical era.

Now, I know the Bible speaks about the return of Jesus Christ with references to a loud trumpet of which will sound to signal the end of days. Some of the eschatological references to a trumpet can be found in the following passages of scripture;

Behold, I tell you a mystery: We shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed-in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trumpet. For the trumpet will sound, and the dead in Christ will be raised incorruptible, and we shall all be changed” 1 Corinthians 15: 51-52. NKJ

For the Lord Himself will descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of an archangel, and with the trumpet of God. And the dead in Christ will rise first”. 1 Thessalonians 4: 16. NKJ

Matthew 24: 31 also refers to a trumpet and depending on how one interprets that passage, it refers to the second coming of Christ, of which the only way I know of someone interpreting that passage in an ancient context is to affirm what is known as ‘preterism’ or ‘hyper-preterism’. This view is of the persuasion that Jesus returned in His second coming in the 1st century.

However, I don’t agree with the preterist view neither am I, I confess, very open to it. But what I do know is that the New Testament affirms quite clearly, that when Jesus returns, and previous to that event, angels of God wills sound those trumpets and people will hear them.

What intrigues me about St Paul’s words in 1 Corinthians 15: 51-52 is that he refers to the “last trumpet” which implies there will be previous trumpet blasts. If the interpretation of the relevant passages of the book of Revelation are indeed related, then there will be 7 trumpets.

The first trumpet found in Revelation 8: 7 speaks of hail and fire, the burning of trees, and the grass. The second trumpet found in Revelation 8: 8-9 speaks of a burning mountain which plunges into the sea. The third trumpet found in Revelation 8: 10-11 speaks of the poisoning of fresh water where people die through drinking it. The fourth trumpet found in Revelation 8: 12 speaks of the darkening of the sun and moon. The fifth trumpet found in Revelation 9: 1-12 speaks of a fallen star and the opening of the bottomless pit, where creatures come to earth and torment people for five months. The sixth trumpet found in Revelation 9: 13-21 speaks of 200 million troops who wipe out a third of the earth’s population. The seventh trumpet found in Revelation 11: 15-19 speaks of the return of Christ, likely as spoken of by St Paul in 1 Corinthians 15: 51-52.

Obviously people differ on their interpretations of these passages, but what is clear is that they signal the return of Christ and the use of a loud trumpet. This Biblical trumpet as used in scripture is a ‘horn’ it is actually named the ‘Shofar’ which is made of a horn, by tradition of a Ram. This long horn was and is turned up at the end and was the national trumpet of ancient Israel. It was used for two purposes, Military and Religious, always to summon the people.

Jesus uses this practice in Matthew 24: 31 “and He will send His angels with a great sound of a trumpet, and will gather His elect from the four winds, from one end of the heavens to another

The previous verse 30 makes it quite clear that this event is speaking concerning the second coming of Christ. And in this context, Jesus is referring to the use of the ‘Shofar’ trumpet which was used to announce an event. Joshua 6: 4, Judges 3: 27, 1 Samuel 8: 3 employ the ‘Shofar’ to signify the coming of a war. Leviticus 25: 9 uses the ‘Shofar’ to announce the ‘Year of Jubilee’.

This instrument is also referred to in Exodus 19: 16, where the Lord appeared on Sinai with thick clouds.

Thus, it certainly fits the Biblical criteria for a signal of the return of Christ and although the events themselves may well be what is known as ‘Haarp’ which is a “High Frequency Active Auroral Research Programme” which was shut down in May 2013, the events are still quite stimulating.

Thus, from a personal level, at the very thought of Christ returning soon with signs other than the moral decline of societies and the messy Church, I was immediately convicted of my sin and sloth. And if these ‘sky horns’ are merely governmental research programmes, then the Lord certainly moves in mysterious ways, for now, I feel closer to the reality of His return than I did yesterday. And although my hearts desire is to see Church reform in both England and America, if Christ were to return tomorrow, I would still push for reform tonight.

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“Martyr George Marsh” – PRESS RELEASE

Martyr_George_Marsh_posterPRESS RELEASE

“Martyr George Marsh” A new documentary on Protestant preacher and martyr, George Marsh. Direct from the maker of “The Apostles at Paphos” is a powerful and touching story in many ways and is a story that England should ‘never forget’.

Starting in the year 1515 from the birthplace of George Marsh at Deane, Bolton in Lancashire, moving towards the later death of his wife and Marsh’s time studying Theology at Cambridge and working as a minister in London and Lincoln, the story moves towards the death of Protestant King Edward V1 in 1553 and the ascending of the Roman Catholic Mary 1 to the throne and her persecution of protestants that followed. The story tells how George Marsh returned to Lancashire to preach and see his family, where his presence caught the attention of the authorities and a charge was put out by the Earl of Derby, of Lathom House to Master Barton of Smithills hall, Bolton, to find George Marsh and charge him to appear trial before the Earl and his council. Marsh handed himself in at Smithills and was charged to appear before the Earl of Derby and he stood trial at Lathom House and was imprisoned at Lathom and was afterwards sent to Lancaster Castle where he was imprisoned for several months before being taken to Chester where he stood trial yet again and was condemned to death. He was burned alive at the stake on April 24th 1555 by order of the Bishop of Chester, Dr Cotes.

Two years in the making, the documentary ‘Martyr George Marsh’ has a unique structure and feel. The film is written, produced, directed and presented by Theologian (B.Th, Th.M) and Singer/Songwriter Simon Peter Sutherland (stage name: Shimeon).

Following the theme, Simon Peter begins his research at Chetham’s Library, Manchester and tells the story of George Marsh from historic sites at Deane, Deane Parish Church, Deane Clough, Smithills Hall, Lathom, Ormskirk Parish Church, Lancaster Castle and Chester Cathedral, the Northgate and Gallows hill.

The documentary bases its proof text upon the earliest account of George Marsh from the grand narrative contained in the earliest 16th century prints of “Acts and Monuments” (The Foxe’s book of Martyrs) by John Foxe. The oldest known narrative of the George Marsh story and an account published using the actual text of George Marsh himself. The research for the film has been done at and from the archives of Chetham’s Library, John Rylands Library and Bolton Central Library.

Simon Peter Sutherland has also composed and produced the soundtrack for the documentary and has also provided some traditional hymns as a backdrop.

In conclusion, Simon Peter Sutherland has produced a fine and well researched documentary, which in a time where many are concerned for the future of England, Simon draws upon the past, that a nation may never forget their own history, lest they find themselves condemned to repeat it.

The documentary is none profit and its release will include a free internet distribution.

Picture format: 1080i
Audio format: Stereo

Release date: 5 November 2013
Internet: YouTube

Websites: and

Documentary poster for Martyr George Marsh

Documentary poster for Martyr George Marsh

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“Martyr George Marsh” – Trailer 2 – 5/11/13

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The Welsh Bible and a forgotten preacher


Welsh Bible from Anglesey

19th century Welsh Bible from Anglesey  © 2013 Simon Peter Sutherland

I was recently in a second hand, part antique, part book shop in North Wales. An old Welsh Bible with crumbling binding and unbound leaves was amongst the books. I took the Bible, purchased it and looked for points of interest within it.

The Bible dates from 1857, so it is not that ancient. It was published, as most 19th century Welsh bibles are in “Llundain”. It is likely to be a print of the 1620 revision of ‘William Morgan’s’ translation, and from the notes an inscription inside, it appears to have been owned by a 19th century preacher. His name was “John Davies”.

From the handwritten inscription written on a blank page between the Old and New Testaments, it appears that Mr Davies lived on Anglesey in the village of “Llannerchymedd” in the 19th century.

Back in those days, the village was home to a busy market, perhaps Anglesey’s most popular. The handwritten tribute in this Welsh Bible says Mr Davies was a “manufacturer” so perhaps he continued his trade in Llannerchymedd.

The handwritten notes pay tribute to Mr John Davies and says that he was from “Flintshire” in North Wales and died “the 4th day of April 1859”. This was the same year of the shipwreck of the “Royal Charter” at Moelfre, where I purchased the book.

The writer says he died “in the 73 years of his age” of which 34 years of his life had been spent a member of a Christian church and was “a local preacher with Baptists”.

DSC05493The text says “his end was peace”.

So I have written these thoughts on him and hope on my part that it offers just a tiny tribute to a man whom, like so many, time has forgotten.

I would have liked to have visited his grave this time and to have taken that Bible with me, but time forbid me such. So maybe in the future, should I return, I hope to visit his resting place and lay some mark of respect on his grave, a flower or something. It is the least I can do.

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