Richard Dawkins silent concerning ‘Evolution vs God’?

On August 6th 2013, YouTube channel ‘The way of the Master’ published the new film ‘Evolution vs God’.

This film challenges the popular theory of Darwinian evolution, primarily the theory of ‘Macroevolution’.

This film has now received 775,695 views on YouTube.

According to the reports, the New Zealand born evangelist Ray Comfort has not yet received any direct response from Atheist activist and Darwinian evolutionist, Richard Dawkins. The apparent silence has come despite repeated offers for an open response.

In the film, Ray Comfort interviews and asks a number of leading evolutionary scientists in America for direct evidence for ‘Macroevolution’. Outside of claims based upon speculative ideas and theories, no evidence could be given.

Perhaps the only main responses Darwinians and atheist activists have offered are a number of criticisms published on YouTube, which are for the most part little more than ‘ad homimen’ posts and re-affirmations of ‘Macraevolution’ with no direct evidence for ‘Macroevolution’.

Perhaps this noisey silence tells us a great deal about the true condition of the theory of evolution and Richard Dawkins? The first being that there is a number of ways defeat can be seen, even without words. One way of responding to someone who you consider stronger than yourself is to say nothing, and merely go one doing as you did before.

Clearly Richard Dawkins is doing that.

Perhaps Darwin’s time is up and maybe it is time for truck loads of Evangelical Christians in England to purchase copies of ‘Evolution vs God’ and spread them across the UK, at the University of Manchester, Cambridge, Oxford, Scotland, Exeter and so forth.

Perhaps even give free copies out to the Liberal bishops within the Church of England? That would be good wouldn’t it. Maybe even David Cameron could receive a copy too?

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