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The Gospel and the Coronation of King Charles 111

This week I received my Charles 111 Coronation gospel tracks from Living Waters. They look great! Full colour and the quality is excellent.

These tracks are basically well designed free handouts that make it easy to share the gospel with people in the events surrounding the Coronation of King Charles 111 in May, 2023. On the back of each of them you’ll find the plain gospel, 110%.

Recently the Church of England has said it plans to use the coronation to convert people to Christianity. What better way to do it? Since a majority of the bishops appear to be busy spreading confusion and division rather than converting anyone, I thought things sound ripe for the gospel. After all, people don’t need to be clergy or a bishop to evangelise. Politicians cannot change people, and bishops can’t either, it’s the evangelists who change things. And all of us have the right to share our faith.

With so much division being spread throughout the land it can never be a bad thing to invite souls into the kingdom of Christ. Never in my lifetime have I seen such a growing need for the gospel and indeed such a hunger for it. Make no mistake, people are hungry for the gospel in the uk despite what some would have you to believe. But so often, converts decrease because evangelists are few, and more often than not it is the church itself that prevents the gospel being shared. With apostasy all around us, and the Church of England in crisis, what better time than to use this opportunity to share the good news of the kingdom and win souls for Christ. There’s no need to cause offence, no need to argue with people, no need to shout on street corners, just be kind to people, share the good news of the gospel and be a light in the darkness. Let God do the rest!

Remember quality is better than quantity.

The gospel is simple, effective and when properly communicated, life changing. Keep things focused, don’t get caught up in distractions, Christ is crucified, Christ is risen, and no one is without sin, and we broke the moral law of God (contained in the Ten Commandments) “Jesus paid their fine.” so repent today and trust in Jesus Christ and God will give you eternal life.

Remember, you too can spread the gospel to a nation that has lost their way. Be you rich or poor, employed or unemployed, clergy or lay person, you too can be a powerful witness for the gospel and it’s free and available for all.


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