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“The Apostles at Paphos” aired on Revelation TV

The Apostles at Paphos by Simon Peter SutherlandGreat news!

Thanks to the folks at Revelation TV my first documentary “The Apostles at Paphos” has been aired on Revelation TV, Sky 581, Freesat 692, Freeview HD 228 on Friday 1st March at 8pm and Sunday 3rd March at 3pm and Wednesday 27th March at 10 am.

Keep posted with the Revelation TV listing for further schedule.

Revelation TV play some interesting stuff, so pass it on.

For more information on Revelation TV, visit


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St Thomas bay, Malta and St Pauls shipwreck

In 2005 I visited the Island of Malta in the hope of researching the events of Acts 27: 39-44, 28: 1-10. After much research and travelling on foot to various sites connected to the Biblical events, St Pauls Bay became a prominent feature, yet lacked something?

Simon Peter Sutherland at San Pawl Milqi, Malta © 2005/2013  Simon Peter Sutherland

Simon Peter Sutherland at San Pawl Milqi, Malta
© 2005/2013 Simon Peter Sutherland

However, I also came upon a new claim that parts of an ancient shipwreck had been found on the seabed at St Thomas Bay, in contrast to the traditional site of the shipwreck at St Pauls bay.

If these finds are true then they yet again offer more evidence for the Bible as History. The problem is that far too many people look for evidence in the wrong places, then they critique the text they clearly do not know so well.

This video contains some information about the archaeological finds.

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Ancient Reservoir from the 1st Temple period found in Jerusalem

Here is a recent article I found from

According to the article “The Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) and Jerusalem archaeologist Eli Shukron announced the discovery of a large First Temple period reservoir” on 09/06/2012.

This discovery will improve our understanding of the 1st Temple period in Jerusalem.

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