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Did Jesus have a wife? The Papyrus may well be a fake!

DSCF2260Over the years the debate has raged somewhat concerning the question of whether or not Jesus was married. I personally, after reviewing the evidence from the New Testament, historical texts and reliable history see nothing to suggest that Jesus was married.

Recently we have heard of an ancient manuscript which has come to light which may claim that Jesus was married?

The manuscript itself appeared to be 4th century AD? Which if so, could date the composition of the document anywhere up to 300 years after the life of Jesus. Hardly reliable history?

However, after looking at photography of this manuscript, I noticed that something did not appear consistent when compared with other authentic manuscripts. Having viewed authentic manuscripts such as P52. Rylands library papyrus (50-125 AD) also known as “St Johns Fragment” and other ancient Biblical and apocryphal manuscripts at Rylands, I could not help but find the current manuscript which claims that Jesus was married, suspect.

More on that later.

However, Professor Mark Goodacre of Duke University has published an article by Professor Watson on this matter. Here are two links to that article.

Click to access Watson.pdf


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