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On Derren Brown: Fear and faith – Channel 4

Last night for some reason, I viewed some of Derren Brown’s “fear and faith” on channel 4. Not one of the better channels on British television.

After watching a little bit, I found it of no real surprise to see him yet again manipulating undefined people with his mind games and tricks of the brain.

As is common and typical of modern atheists, I watched him play his game which begins in one area, wins over his audience, then moves towards the direction of Christianity, which if he is honest, is what his whole game is about demolishing.

Somehow, I think all his efforts are merely a support act to warm up his audience to get them ready for the headliner.

Don’t forget Mr Brown, I’ve been in showbusiness for a long time. I know the ropes!

He moves onto his predictable thought or question, “Is God the ultimate placebo”?

Its not a question on his part, since he has already concluded his answer.

However, not content with verbally inviting a man to sell his soul to the devil, via an ancient “satanic rite”, the British illusionist, mentalist and hypnotist thus attempted to emulate a “Religious conversion” with his atheist guinea pig.

He met with an atheist woman and gave her a ‘religious conversion’? If that is the right term to use?

Whatever his game was, it was certainly not a ‘religious conversion’. I say this by knowledge, history and experience that the true and accurate Christian evangelist need not use finger tapping motions or emotional games to win over a convert. He need only preach Jesus Christ and Him crucified.

It is true that many use games and tricks within so-called Christianity, but we know that there are always true and false ones in all, but the one who is faithful and relies upon the assistance of Grace need not use methods of men and workings of the devil to win people over.

He need only preach Jesus Christ, and Him crucified, under Pontius Pilate and who died, was buried and rose again on the third day.

As it is written. And “The scripture CANNOT be broken” John 10: 35

I suppose this game he plays opens up the floodgates for the question of whether or not these people and others, inculding scientists and the media can use these games to manipulate the average human brain so much that they can even persuade a nation to believe that Darwin’s theory is actually a fact?

Let us not forget that ‘Brown and Dawkins’ are familiar with each other.

Nevertheless, “The scripture CANNOT be broken” John 10: 35


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