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Aristobulus: Britain’s Apostolic connection to the Bible.

Church in Paphos, CyprusA lot of people in Britain today when they think of Christianity, either think of it in the present or alongside the likes of Archbishops and Popish type figures. Pompous priests and high Anglican services and so forth.

So often, the events of the present, dictate and define our understanding of words and people’s beliefs. Such, I think, could not be further from the Truth.

Britain as it stands today, may well be a Christian Country in the context of some official ethics and as in a form of Christianised culture, but in reality and belief, it is far from real Christianity.

But the question which looms in my mind is this: was Christianity ever intended to be a denominational establishment, where members of a so-called Christian state, were members of the Church. This type of political institution I think, reduces the Gospel of Christ and the foundations of the Apostolic doctrine to comply with geopolitical power of ‘Christendom’ rather than members of the worldwide community of Christians. Most of all, it denies the Truth of Scripture.

In Britain today however, the media and so forth likes to over state Henry V111 and his so-called tyrannical reign: yet Britain’s foundation of the Gospel pre-dates the commonly overstated emphasis of the so-called Church of England as founded by him and likewise continues throughout history through Christians who separated from the Church of England and founded various denominations. Many of these people are labelled extreme or ‘fundamentalists’ and thus are programmed in peoples minds even before they attempt to understand them. The fact remains that Christianity has her measuring line; the Bible, by which the Church is to be judged not visa versa.

In fact, even though the Church of England is given official credit today in Britain, it is not merely Henry V111’s establishment that is the foundation. For the Church of England pre-dates Henry V111 and can be quite easily connected to the early primitive Church, the Anglo-Saxon and Celtic eras leading to the influence of Rome and Henry V111’s separation.

In fact, a long and well established tradition connects Britain directly to the Apostles themselves.

In Romans 16: 10, St Paul wrote of a certain Aristobulus. He was believed the brother of Barnabus and of Cypriot decent and one of the seventy Disciples who witnessed the Resurrection of Jesus. He may even have travelled with St Paul? Aristobulus is believed to have taken the command of Christ in ‘the Great Commission’ to “Go ye into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature” (Mark 16: 15) to Spain and concluding his missionary journey in Roman Britain.

We have plenty of evidence of Christianity being practised and believed in Roman Britain in the 1st century, so it is logical to say that someone from Israel must have brought it here.

Considering this view is not the mere claim of some ancient myth or folklore type legend, it is supported by reliable sources, I think God has a special place for Britain and He will not let her go. Even if He has to bring the country down to its knees that the Church and the people might return to Him, He will do so.


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