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Reflections on the Coronation of King Charles 111 at Manchester Cathedral and evangelism on the streets

The day of the coronation of King Charles 111 was a very busy day for many folks. People from all over the country and the world flocked to London to be a part of the extravaganza. People lined the streets in London to watch the procession as the king made his way to Westminster Abbey. 

I spent the morning at Manchester Cathedral to watch the broadcast and was interviewed for TV. Later I used the opportunity to reach people in the north for Christ. Over 800 people attended the Cathedral that day. Manchester is a great place for evangelism and people are open to calmly receiving the gospel. 

So what then are my reflections on the coronation? I actually quite liked the symbolism and the use of Scripture. I recognised a lot of symbolism and Scriptures used. On that note the Bible Society has published a well researched article on this and you can view it here

After the coronation I took to the streets and did the work of an evangelist, (2 Timothy 4: 5) Plenty of people were reached that day and many tracts given out. As always the day was packed with excellent and open conversations with the people who lingered around the market places. 

One to one conversation is very effective, engaging and rewarding. 

That’s a day to remember and let’s hope there will be a better, brighter, stronger and greener country to look forward to. Remember, if we didn’t have a monarchy, then parliament would only be answerable to parliament. What happens then?

I like many people have mixed opinions concerning the existence of monarchy but when it’s all said and done it keeps a long standing tradition going and offers our nation an identity.

Whatever a persons view is, when it comes to evangelism and the sharing of the gospel I keep things focused upon that singular event of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. I have yet to find anyone who can verifiably object to that reality.



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