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On journal keeping and original thought

DSCF2260Keeping journals can be of great value in the Christian life and life in general. All too often, much time can be given over to the affairs of everyday life and needs, and the spiritual quality of thoughts, ideas and feelings are not remembered. All too often people spend time either in their own pasts or in their plans for the future, and the present is somehow lost.

One afternoon I was in a store and the shop owner spoke to me on the issue of ‘original thought’. That an unrecorded thought or an unwritten letter can be lost forever, if the thought is not written down. I found his point to be true, for, each time a person write’s there is a certain degree of originality to the words.

It is for a beneifit in the Christian life and life in general, to record and keep a journal of thoughts and feelings, events and meetings, ideas and devotions. You can look back at them in the future and the memory will remain. Maybe even your children and people you both know and don’t know, will in the future will read them and be inspired by them.

Take some time and if you do not keep a journal, buy one or make one and start today.


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Codex Sinaiticus ‘Online’

Codex Sinaiticus is an ancient Greek manuscript of the Bible which was handwritten around 1600 years ago, the manuscript contains the Christian Bible in Greek, which is said to include “the oldest complete copy of the New Testament”.

To view this text online is of great value for the theologian and for those who enjoy theology.

Click the link to view

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