Poppy burning banned at last!

Great news of late on the issue of ‘Islamic fundamentalist’ groups who have been ‘Poppy burning’.

These groups are now declared ‘outlaws’.

I and many more in England are so glad to know that such an action has been taken, and its about time too!

I fail to see how these Islamic groups have been able to continue burning poppies for as long as they have. Likewise, how or why England permits Muslim groups to stand in London burning the American flag and declaring that our Queen will one day convert to Islam and likewise declare that if she does not, she will have to leave the country?

But, I am sure our government knows more than we do and is taking steps to keep England safe from these terrorists.

But, regardless, I am thankful to Theresa May for this action and let us hope it does not stop there and that steps are taken to make sure these groups do not continue their deeds in a masquerade of peace and prosperity?

Remember, tares look like wheat, until they are made manifest!


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