On screen violence and its spreading Influence – The British Board of Film Classification and “The Human Centipede” 1 & 2

Few can deny that many modern movies and television programmes have not lowered in their standards over recent years. Violence, foul language, explicit sex and total depravity and disregard for human life are ever present on screen.

Censorship has not yet completely gone, but it may as well be gone, because it’s not very good. Now, many would argue against me on this and I too would argue against them, that the influence violent movies have upon the mind are affecting the societies we live in. Recently, a totally sick film, and I mean sick as in its old usage in connection to ‘vomit’ was released and passed by the British Board of Film Classification. The film of course was the ‘human centipede 2’. In the opening scene, the film presents a visual representation of a man who had been watching “The human centipede 1” and thus, it is clear that the script and film is communicating that the 1st film influenced the person and he then goes out to do what he saw in the 1st film and the plot gets more and more ‘perverted’ and twisted.

I will not go on to say what happens in the film, and I have no intentions of exploring this filth, but I will say that I believe and know this film is evil and has no place whatsoever in a modern society and has no place within English culture or society. It is not art. It is not good, it is just filth and perverted and its influence is potentially dangerous to society.

The problem is that films like this when permitted to be released only add fuel to the already spreading fire. What is coming next?

I would like to ask some questions; Is this what people call art? Is this what films are about? Or has the world completely lost it standards and morals or has it gone so far into extreme ideas and depravity that it has forgotten basic common sense and humanity?

I don’t believe I stand alone on this topic and I know that many people out in our day and age do know that what I say is true. Now, in a world so full of evil, wretchedness and wars and much lack of humanity and regard for human life, do we need or should we permit films like this to be played on our cinemas and put on DVD and played in homes? No, I say, no.

The British government and the authorities must wake up from their slumbers and do something about this mess before the infection spreads out of control. I say it again, evil, twisted, sick movies have no place in western civilization and in the interests of the public and basic humanity and for the progress of our modern world these perverted movies should be banished from our society.


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