Simon Peter Sutherland is a Christian Theologian from Northern England.

Simon was baptised into ‘believers baptism’ at the age of 12 and has professed faith in Jesus Christ ever since. Simon has studied Theology (B.Th, M. Th) and enjoys visiting and journeying through many lands of the Bible. Including Neapolis (Kavala), Philippi, Malta, Cyprus, Rhodes, Rome, Kos and Crete, where he has independently researched the archaeology and history of the Bible.

Simon is a Conservative Evangelical (Church of England) and he and his wife have two sons.

Documentaries include:

Short films:

E-books include:


Upcoming e-books include:

  • The Divine Saviour in the Dark Light of Modern Scholarship (Coming soon)


Simon, is also a singer/songwriter/Musician known as SHIMEON.



  1. #1 by Jenny on November 11, 2011 - 4:28 PM

    God bless you

  2. #2 by carol k. on January 4, 2012 - 11:59 PM

    A powerful summary of David Cameron’s speech and the Queen. This year and last year 2010 will surely see the impact God is having on the world, therefore, the kingdom of God is coming to earth and the christian must take authority, as you said the leaders must not only declare word of God but take action in England and make a religious stance for the better.

    I am excited to see how the bible is being released to the nation and am encouraging you to speak and write the facts about the truth declared about Jesus Christ and expose those which are twisting the truth.

    All that can be shaken will be shaken and that which remain will stand. The heads of governments in the middle east has been shaken and we in Britain need to learn a lesson and take Godly counsel unless our government will fall to muslims extremists and other faiths and SILENCE is our biggest ememy to sit back and do nothing but complain, God is speaking through David Cameron and the Queen about taking their roles seriously as it is only God who promotes and appoints and take out governments.

    I believe the REVELATION of the Bible are been acted out before are eyes and Britain role is vital to the nations and will become the mother of land for all christian and all other faiths seeking for spiritual truth and righteousness.

    Continue using your gift that God has given you,as someone will be guided to your website.

  3. #3 by w0lf on September 15, 2016 - 8:44 AM

    I agree with Carol in that silence or inaction is our enemy. When I see the documentary on George Marsh, and how he was willing to die in the worst way, as well as so many others in same fight for the truth, and also those who have fought for political freedom, I feel that we should be greatly ashamed of ourselves for our inaction. Most people today do not risk anything more than social chastisement, or perhaps the loss of a job or status, but nothing compared to dying in the flames. And as Carol said, we sit back and do nothing but complain. How many countries now are giving back their freedoms in the name of political correctness, and allowing their cultures to be changed for the worse. A great documentary on the conquest of the freedom of expression is Silent Conquest. No off-the-wall conspiracy theory stuff, just facts on the progressive silencing of any form of opposition to sharia and Islamic conquest, not in the form of terrorism, but in the creeping political and social systematic annihilation of those freedoms obtained through so much sacrifice.

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