Atheist threatens Christian: UK, YouTube atheist writes threats against Ray Comfort saying “Somebody shoot him”


“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing” Edmund Burke

Well, this atheist movement is really getting quite verbally nasty, and I for one am concerned about the aggression which is being stirred up against Christians amongst modern militant atheists.

This morning I was shocked to read a comment left on a video on Ray Comforts channel, “The Way of the Master” concerning Richard Dawkins vs Ray himself.

On this video entitled: “Ray Comfort meets Richard Dawkins …almost” a certain UK YouTube atheist who calls himself ‘Scott Paton ( left a comment on this video saying the following;

Quote, “Ray Comfort is a conceited idiot. Come s up with the same rhetoric all the time. Somebody shoot him before the men in white coats take him away and section him. Why am I even bothered with this. I will leave it someone else to punch him in the face

Is this how modern atheists would define Freedom of speech, Religion and thoughts? Or this this what modern atheists are really like under the surface?

A person could say that the atheist was not being literal or had no intention of this act to be actually carried out, and you could say that, but what is even clearer is that such words could be seen as instructive, since they could be taken to involve a threat to person’s physical safety.

Although some may ignore this and claim this problem is no cause for concern, each person must decide for himself or herself. But one thing is clear to me, that the modern militant atheism is anything but tolerant and they need to calm down a bit.

Here is the video in question complete with the comment thread. See if what I am saying is not so.


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  1. #1 by Ishi on April 23, 2013 - 3:10 PM

    Ooh I actually know the man in question he was my partner and I am a Christian 🙂 he is actually a very gentle man with a complete intolerance of foolish men. He is entitled to his opinion as are you no matter how foolish you BOTH may be. He was NOT being literal at all he shares the same frustrations you do although not at the same things obviously. Now I refer you back to your diatribe about woman bishops how foolish and ill informed you are as a woman I would kiss you rather than punch you in the face because you know not what you do. We could speak about it for hours but first I would want to make sure you had done your historical homework I can only assume by your words you are a little lacking as a scholar in this area. And I ask you to start with this question… why did Jesus reveal himself upon resurrection to a woman ?? Why was Mary his closest , why did Peter have such an issue with her ? What does the Gospel of Mary teach us ? Why have books been committed from the current bible ? And what role has power money and the church played in suppressing woman since the Nicean council in the 5th Century ? And did not Jesus come to show us a new way ? Why have you not listened ? I could go on but I’m sure that’s a lot for your little mind for today. Love and light 🙂

    • #2 by Simon Peter Sutherland on April 27, 2013 - 8:06 PM

      Thank you for your comment.

      The topic of ‘women in Church leadership’ has been documented, researched and explored by many of us over the years, I continue to research and debate the matter. I have recently viewed an ancient papyrus fragment of the Gnostic gospel of Mary, (Papyrus Rylands 463) This manuscript is one of only three manscripts. I have all of the ancient apocryphal writings.

      Your comments and arguments are really nothing new. However it is not contextual to this post and such an issue cannot be explained within a comment section.

      As for any ‘ad hominem’ employments. They will not get you far with me.

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